3D Asset Application

Transitioning Your Products Into 3D Assets


See how a single 3D asset can benefit nearly every brand of business.

Our Process

Learn the steps we take to change your assets to 3D.

Case Study

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At Boxx Imaging, we specialize in helping companies and individuals transition their products into 3D assets.

What exactly is a 3D asset? It is a digital replica of the physical product wich can be used, not only only as a 3D model online but also has dozens of marketing, sales, and engineering applications.

Our Process

Case Study


3D Asset Applications

A single 3D asset can benefit nearly every branch of business. Whether you’re looking to educate your team or better represent your products to your customers, digitizing your product future-proofs your business.

01. Marketing

Product Catalogs & Demonstation, Trade Show Exhibits, Augmented Reality.

02. Engineering

Reverse Engineering, Legacy CAD creation, Rapid Prototyping, Product Design.

03. Manufacturing

Deviation Analysis, 3D Printing, CFD/FEA Application, Quality Assurance.

04. 3D Education

Employee Training Repair Simulations, Customer Education.

03. Sales

Visual Aides, 3D PDFs, Holographic Presentations.

04. Beyond

Gaming, Film, CGI, Mobile Apps, Historical Preservation, Medical Imaging.

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